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Bulldog Information

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Know Bull

KNOWBULL-IS A WEBSITE INTENDED TO TRANSEMINATE HEALTHCARE INFORMATION ON BRACHYCEPHALIC BREEDS OF DOGS. KNOWBULL will be a wellness guide for those SMOOSH FACE, FLAT FACEED breeds of dog which comprise 24 breeds of canines recognized. This group of dogs are some of the most fashionable breeds today. Not only adorable and wonderful companions, they come at a premium when it comes to HEALTHCARE.

KNOWBULL will aid the breeder, show/exhibitor, and private owner of brachycephalics how to manage various health concerns known to this group of

KNOWBULL will recognize specific systems (eg. cardiac, gastrointestinal, respiratory system) that afflicts the well-being of this group of dogs.

We expect to have a monthly newsletter free of charge for those who sign up with there email address.


KNOWBULL will have available a Telehealth and Telemedicine service to help get information from veterinarians that are familiar with this group of canines with there specific issues.

KNOWBULL has a veterinary base, HUNT VALLEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL that has been catering to this wonderful breed of dogs. The veterinarians at HUNT VALLEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL see an average of 10-12 bulldog type dogs daily, so they feel very competent treating medical issues and surgical procedures that are common to this specific group of canines.

KNOWBULL will feature a medical/surgical case each month specific to brachycephalics.

KNOWBULL is committed to provide information that will promote good health and extend the life of these companions.

It is the mission of KNOWBULL website to improve the health and wellbeing of these BELOVED BREEDS.

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